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Coconut Queen

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You are the Coconut Queen!

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Game Description

In Coconut Queen, the island of Lui Lui beckons you to bask amid miles of sun-drenched coastline. Disembark into its floral air, and discover that you are the island's much-awaited Coconut Queen. Your own private getaway is devoid of females, so find company among the brawny native gents who welcome you with succulent fruits. What's the catch to this all-inclusive, extended vacation? One little thing: Re-invent Lui Lui into an idyllic tourist locale or risk its demise.

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  • by dyslexion on Jul 22, 2012

    Awesome build-it/tycoon/time management games with a little side story. Highly recommend, will keep you playing for some time as it has many levels and is totally addictive. Note to Developers of this Game Please, pretty please with sugar on top make a Coconut Queen II and add to the Lost Women twist. See more See less