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Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

Average Rating 5 player reviews ( 3.2 out of 5.0 )

You are blamed for stealing the Queen's brooch and sentenced to death. Can you prove your innocence?

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Game Description

You were the Queen's most trusted handmaiden.  Yet all it took was a whisper for you to be falsely accused of stealing Her Majesty's Royal brooch and sentenced to death in the tower of London.  You will be doomed to wander within the walls of 'The Bloody Tower' for eternity.  Unless you can find help...

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  • by lilmom6 on Aug 24, 2012

    I truly enjoyed this romp through a piece of history. The continuity, graphics and music are all well done. (One piece of music actually reminded me of a certain movie based on a Tolkien series.) Options for 2 levels of play. The story line held my interest throughout. The H0Gs were your standard interactive fare (with sparkles even in challenge mode) but the puzzles were unique, well done and a delightful mix of very easy an oh so slightly challenging. You can choose to have instructions or figure them out for yourself. The game is not your standard linear format and new areas open up as the game progresses. You can roam freely. This adds a little challenge as to where to go next. At no time did my inventory become overly full but this is not a case of find it/ use it. Some things you will carry until a later time. I did think that the play got easier on the second half but it may have been a case of simply getting into the rhythm of the game. Length of play was average. Just fun game See more See less

  • by PatinPNS on Jul 31, 2012

    I like this game and although I haven't finished the trial yet, I believe I'll buy it. Overall is it fun and challenging but not overly so. You need to use the map to get around and it does get a bit confusing, but as of yet not much of a problem. The graphics are pretty good, but the sound, not all that exciting. The gameplay is enough to keep my interest and makes me want to find out what is next. I think that is a good sign for any game. I'm having problems with my laptop and it needs to go to the shop which explains some of the difficulty I'm having with sound and such. At least try the game and see how you like it. See more See less

  • by summeroluvbaby1 on Jul 30, 2012

    I love this game. I don't know what the other guy that rated the game so low is talking about. Its not confusing at all. Its not the easiest HOG I've ever played, but then again, I don't like games that aren't at all challenging. The hints you get are very good, and there's a map that tells you where you have tasks to do. I've only played the 1st hour, but will definately buy it. See more See less

  • by dearbonbon1979 on Jul 30, 2012

    Didn't understand what I needed to do. Need to keep the list where you can see it,like the objects are. See more See less

  • by LMS108 on Jul 29, 2012

    I didn't even make it throught the first hour it was so confusing! For example, one of the first tasks is to hit the prison guard with an object. There are several rocks on the floor....can't pick them up though. You have to use a special tool to knock a piece of rock out of the wall! I collected several weapons/tools but you have to be a 12th century historian to know what each one is used for. Also, there are too many areas to keep track of and what was the storyline? There was never any mention of any secret relationship that I had to prove! Not worth my time. See more See less