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Legend of Gallia

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Travel back to Gallia and support the druids!

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Game Description

An old druid from Gallia just got a rush order from Caesar. He is supposed to create a healing elixir. To prepare it, he needs to gather a lot of ingredients. Your task is to help the druid with the herbs he needs. At the same time you can also furnish his shack because it is easier to create a magic elixir in a nice environment. Try to form and clear triple-rows by moving items. Increase your score to get herbs and supplies for your task. Always take care. It is possible to lose already gathered herbs, again! The tasks get harder, the further you progress in game. Any solutions will get you closer to your goal of creating a healing elixir for Caesar. Beginners will get into the game very easily. The difficulty increases slowly but steadily and it gets harder to stop playing from level to level. Travel back to Gallia and support the druids!

-More than 100 fascinating levels
-Several new in game features
-Simple introduction and variable difficulty level
-Compelling and long lasting fun

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  • by landofoz942 on Jun 07, 2013

    Unfortunately, I must agree with Davida81. I love match 3 games, but this game is quite boring. The graphics are very good. The music and sounds are okay. But the game is just too slow. I had to quit playing after only 20 minutes into the 60 minutes free trial. It was mind-numbingly slow. It might be good for someone who enjoys a super-slow paced game. See more See less

  • by Davida8178 on Jun 06, 2013

    the worst game I've played so far, graphics ok gameplay extremely boring See more See less