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Mind Snares: Alice's Journey

Average Rating 2 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

Help Alice destroy her demons and find her way home.

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Game Description

Alice Dahl is a 35-year-old office worker. Alice does not like her job, but is unable to give it up because she is paralyzed by fear. While rushing to a meeting with her next client she is involved an accident, in which her car careens into a river.

After the accident, she wakes up in a strange place, at first looks like a hospital... until it begins to transform into something else, something much stranger. It is in this place, out of this world, Alice will have to face her fears from the past, to see how much she has lost in her life. It is a very daunting task, but it is the only chance, perhaps her last, to achieve a happy life.

-5 different game worlds.
-Unique storyline
-A journey through the human subconscious
-Attractive graphics and mini-games.

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  • by Sandralah7 on Apr 19, 2014

    Overall I enjoyed the challenge of matching found items to their use in the game. The gameplay gets only 3 stars, because the final chapter did not have the depth of the others and quite frankly, felt as if the writer was just trying to put in a quick ending, to get this product to deadline. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 02, 2014

    Found this game very enjoyable. Good story line and graphics. See more See less