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Monument Builders: Big Ben

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Oversee the building of Big Ben and discover the many legends which surround it!

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Game Description

Help Carl Rybhes to gather all the resources needed for the building. Manage your workers efficiently in order to complete the levels in time, defend yourself against robbers, look out for clues hidden in the scenery and solve the mystery! Big Ben, the real name of which is actually "Clock Tower", stands in the heart of London and was inaugurated in 1859. Big Ben is, in actual fact, the name of the bell. The Clock Tower is the building itself and is part of Westminster Palace, the seat of the British parliament. The sound of the bell can be heard over 6 km away!

-Show resourcefulness in order to build Big Ben in time!
-Find the clues hidden in the scenery
-Learn about the legends of Big Ben
-50 varied game levels with a host of challenges!

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  • by mariah_327 on May 14, 2015

    I don't recommend this game. Instead of adding improvements, as in previous Monument Builders versions, they have actually taken features away. You can no longer use gems to buy Auto Transport (AT) and other helpful tools. I find the game unplayable without AT because all the constant clicking is very hard on the finger and also detracts from making progress toward the goals. By level 4 or 5 I was already having trouble getting 3 stars because I was too busy with the endless deliveries. Even though I really enjoy the challenge of trying to get 3 stars on every level, if a game is really hard but still fun, I'll keep playing for the enjoyment of it, even if I have to give up the quest for stars. This wasn't one of those games. Even by the time I stopped, I was already getting bored with it. This game was a big disappointment. See more See less